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Lloyd Clinch

[1901 & 1906 Census: Prince Alberta, Saskatchewan, North West Territory
Lloyd Clinch - born Feb. 1, 1893 - died Calgary, AB March 4, 1984 ?

Mentioned by several oilfield veterans but we need more solid information about him.  Can you help?

Lloyd Clinch (right) described by one source as "a promoter"
is shown here with Professor Harry Edmunds

Harry Edmunds and Lloyd Clinch

Another recollection of him is that he had an office on 50 Ave. (Alberta side)
about 1/2 block south of the old Post Office.
He was frequently out on the sidewalk talking to passers-by (a la Archie Miller).
He was usually sharply dressed and had well coifed silver hair.  Like other promoters, he raised money to drill oil wells.  It is recalled two of these wells were in the Southminster District.
We have evidence from the James Irwin Papers (Glenbow Archives) that Mr. Clinch
corresponded with geologists in Calgary about the Lloydminster fields in the 1944 - 46 period.