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Completions and Workovers

Read the articles below for some of the latest technical and theoretical developments relating to heavy oil.

HGP (Hydraulic Gas Pump) applications in SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) production

Workover Strategies in CHOPS Wells, by Maurice Dusseault, Kirby Hayes, Michael Kremer, and Chris Wallin
A Paper which considers the question of how to compare workover methods and decide on the one that is most appropriate

Perforating for Heavy Oil Cold Production In North West Saskatchewan and North East Alberta, Canada; 
by Kirby Hayes

Rehabilitating Heavy Oil Wells Using Pulsing Workovers to Place Treatment Chemicals (pdf file)
by Maurice Dusseault, PRISM Production Technologies Inc.; Cedric Gall, Petrovera Inc.; Darrell Shand and Brett Davidson, PRISM Production Technologies Inc.; and Kirby Hayes, Kirby Hayes Inc.

CSE – An Emerging Alternative - article by Franklin Foster, Ph.D

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