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Crudey - Heavy Oil with Attitude
Crudey tells his story

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I started at the bottom and worked down from there. Long ago and far away, I was a carbon based life form just like you.

Then I settled on the floor of a beautiful warm sea and sediment began falling on top of me.  Over many, many years, I became "kerogen", much like top soil. As I went deeper and deeper, toward the center of the Earth, it got hotter and hotter and I began to transform into oil and gas.  There I was, for millions of years when one day, off in the distance, I heard a seismic BOOM!  [Learn more about Crudey's background in our Geology section]

There coming to take me away! It wasn't long before that drill bit came crashing right through the rock roof overhead. When the well was completed, there was a nice pump to lift me up through the shiny steel casing, all the way to the surface.  I had to rest awhile in a field storage tank and get ready for my next adventure. [Learn more about how Crudey came into the world in our Drilling section.

Moving On!  One day a truck came and hauled me off to a battery.  It was like I'd been playing outside in the mud.  I had to get cleaned up before I could go on.  They took away the sand and water that had come along with me.  Then they heated me and sent me here and there but finally I was clean enough to take a ride in a pipeline, all the way to the Upgrade.  Learn more about how Crudey travels in our Transportation section

I get upgraded and refined.  Wow, this was like school.  I had to take lots of classes in hard subjects like hydrocracking and desulphurization. They said I needed extra help because I was "heavy" oil.  I was heated and treated and heated again.  I was cleaned again, lost weight, got in shape and learned how I could become asphalt, or gasoline or even jet fuel.  It was hard to know what I would do when I graduated. Learn more about how Crudey got ready for his career in our Refining section

Now here I am with YOU!  Look around.  You can see hundreds of things that I help make up. It's nice to have a career where I can help people and be an important part of today's world.  Thanks for visiting and learning about me.  Best wishes on your journey home (you'll be driving over me as you go along the pavement). I know that your journey can be as exciting and fulfilling as mine.  Good Luck! Learn more about how Crudey helps our world in our End Users section.

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