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Economic Impact

All sectors of our local economy are influenced by the heavy oil industry. 
(based mostly on 1996 Canada Census returns, reconciled with some information provided by LEDA (Lloydminster Economic Development Authority)

Those directly employed in the heavy oil industry require services for their businesses, but they also require services in their personal lives.

So, whether it's supplying oilfield equipment or coffee and doughnuts or teaching students at a local school, chances are that a goodly number of your customers are there because of heavy oil.

Lloydminster Labour Force    -    12,536

Heavy Oil Industry Employed - full time - 2,633

Heavy Oil Industry Employed - part time - 1,277

Heavy OIl Industry Wages, Salaries and Benefits - $74,469,182

Total Lloydminster Wages, Salaries and Benefits - $253,177,715

From this we see that the Heavy Oil Industry accounts for approximately 29.4% of the total local economic activity