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Presently on display at the Barr Colony Heritage and Cultural Centre in Lloydminster

Hand operated gasoline pump, upright with glass tank showing gallons dispensed. Exterior, Barr Colony Heritage and Cultural Centre

Service Station [exterior grounds of BCHCC], one small building approx. 3 m x 4 m x 3 m high and 3 tall hand operated gas pumps, (one Esso and one Esso Extra); also 2 exterior signs "Imperial Esso Dealer", Size approx. 2 m in diameter

weather-ometer.jpg (17398 bytes)

Atlas Weather-ometer, used to test asphalt products for weather aging properties such as water, heat and light. The machine accelerates and intensifies these variables and was used to evaluate roofing asphalt for the local shingle plant from 1953 to 1963. Manufactured by Atlas Electric Devices, Chicago. Size: 1 m x 1 m x 2 m high

Audio Tapes, 12 episodes of "A popular history of the oil patch and the petroleum industry in Alberta" entitled Roughnecks, Wildcats, and Doodlebugs, produced by CKUA Radio in 1991. [One of the oral interviews was with Archie Miller of Lloydminster]

Three tokens, coin type slugs that were used by customers of the Lloydminster Gas Company who had to prepay meters in their homes. [Donor Bernard Walker @ BCHCC]

Gas meters, two

Gas Street Light?, four burner lamp

Press Release, Thursday April 24, 1969 with Headline "Ground Broken for New Husky Lloydminster [Office] Building", story notes the building's cost would be $750,000, and Glenn E. Neilsen, Husky Chairman, turned the first sod. The release also noted that construction had started on a new 10 inch pipeline to join with the Interprovincial Pipeline at Hardisty, Alberta

Three Share Certificates
Marren-Lloydminster Oil and Gas Co. Ltd.; dated March 1927
Oxville Oil, Gas & Development Company Ltd.; dated Sept. 1929
Lloydminster Gas Company Limited; dated February 1935

Banquet Programme, includes menu

Annual Report, 1968, Lloydminster Gas Company

Decal, original trademark of Husky Oil Company. Size: 60 cm wide by 40 cm high

Horizons magazine, for Husky Employees, Number 4, 1987 Donor Vic Juba

Photocopy of 2 page spread in Lloyd. Times, October 14, 1964 celebrating 30 years since Lloydminster Gas Company No.1 gas well came into production. Contains picture of O. C. Yates and programme for Monday, Oct. 19, 1964.

Soda Acid Fire Extinguisher, mounted on wheeled cart

Large display, various fire fighting equipment

Hard Hats, four, various styles