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End Users - The Petroleum Consumer

The typical Canadian uses an average of 26.9 barrels of oil in the form of petroleum by-products every year.
The typical Canadian will spend an average of $2,873 on end products that derive from petroleum every year.
The typical Canadian will purchase about 2,135 liters of gasoline, motor oil, anti-freeze and other automotive fluids every year

The roads we travel on are made of it, the vehicles we use are powered and lubricated by it, the homes we live in are full of products that depend on it.  If you want to farm without it, you'll have to hitch up old Dobbin the horse. If you want to be a kid without it, you'll have to dump all those plastic toys, many of your clothes, and even your computer.

Yes, in almost every part of our lives we use and depend on products that derive from petroleum.  And, the Heavy Oil produced in this Lloydminster region is an increasingly important part of that petroleum industry.  That's why we're proud to tell you the story of our unique, innovative and important industry and salute the people who make it all possible - including you!

This section deals not only with the products of the heavy oil industry but the impact of those products and the industry.  Included is a look at the economic impact and community impact of   the heavy oil industry and the changing attitudes to environmental and safety issues

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Road Asphalt has long been an important product
of the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Industry

For a comparison of Lloydminster in 1949 with Lloydminster in 1999 - click here

For descriptions of several artifacts re: how heavy oil has impacted our daily lives - click here

For some scientific background on products from heavy oil that we use in our daily lives - click here

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