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Expanding Heavy Oil Frontiers With Innovative Technology

   We must "think outside the box" to deal with the many challenges of producing heavy oil.  We must maximize the production from even marginal wells.  A detailed examination of problems and potential solutions in particular wells must occur:

“Like people, every well appears to behave differently. The challenge is to understand what the well is telling us. Only then can we begin to make sense and understand its personality”

    While there are many technical and scientific issues in regard to Heavy Oil, we must remain aware of the human dimension in the oil patch.  From this we reach recommendations such as the following:

  • How accurate and honest is the field data
  • Communication is "job 1" – daily calls, weekly conference calls, well review sit downs
  • Discuss issues with contacts at all levels (operators, service companies, consultants, engineers, geologists, scientists etc.)
  • Decipher well issue(s) and develop a logical work flow to resolve one at a time
  • Understand how issues are inter-related
  • Develop behavioural patterns to enable forecasting
  • Understand the old to challenge past practices