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Fundraising Gathers Momentum

The campaign to raise funds for the state of the art, world class OTS Heavy Oil Science Centre has zoomed well past the 50% mark with the latest contributions, some $50,000.00 from each of Wascana Energy and Canadian Natural Resources. The Interpretive Centre, planned as an addition to the Barr Colony Heritage and Cultural Centre, has a total price tag of $748,000. The fund raising campaign was kicked off recently by the Lloydminster Oilfield Technical Society with a donation of $150,000. Since that time, other contributors have included: the Canadian Institute of Mining (Heavy Oil Section) $10,000, Jet Completion Technologies Inc. $5,000, and Klinger Oilfield Services $7,500.

Vic Juba, chair of the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Visitors Centre Committee which is coordinating the fundraising effort, reports that packages describing the Interpretive Centre proposal, and requesting funds, went out to well over 250 companies active in the oil industry in the Lloydminster area. The goal to raise the funds entirely from industry players is one of many unique features of the project.

The Interpretive Centre will feature interactive and dynamic displays and activities covering all facets of the heavy oil industry. The renovations to the site at the Barr Colony Heritage and Cultural Centre, and the construction and installation of the displays and exhibits will be directed by Westwind Design of Calgary. Westwind has supplied similar services to the Calgary Police Museum, the Columbia Icefields Interpretive Centre, the Calgary International Airport, and others. The Lloydminster Centre will be an educational and inspiring experience to tourists, students, and visitors of all kinds. It will even act as a training vehicle for people already in the heavy oil industry since it highlights both the industry’s historical background and the current, leading edge technology.

Also involved in the project is local company Foster Learning Inc. which will supply the Information Research and Development services. This information will be the basis for the displays and exhibits. Foster Learning will also design, build and maintain the Internet Website to be developed in conjunction with the Interpretive Centre. Preliminary work on the website has already begun and you are now visiting our website.