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Geology Under Lloydminster

Preliminary Sketch

Note: There are various concepts as to what one would see at a depth of 700 meters under Lloydminster.  One is that a layer of salt dissolved and the overlying sediments collapsed into this space giving a very uneven, broken area with many traps in which the oil accumulated. The overburden of rock referred to is described as unconsolidated - that is more like compressed sand than sandstone.   Another theory, not necessarily entirely contradictory, says the best way to describe the oil reservoir area is to imagine a landscape of an ancient river valley.   The river in that valley was wide and meandering, filled with oxbow lakes, and sand bars.  Where the sand accumulated later became the home of the oil reservoirs from which we produce today.  In any event, below is a preliminary sketch suggesting something of the geology in the oil reservoir area. 

For a surface down depiction - click here.

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