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Gerald Lamb

Involvement in the Oil Industry

In the fall of 1946, Regent Drilling drilled a well on the home quarter of Albert Lamb, Gerald's father. It’s interesting to note that this land was homesteaded in 1905 and the land was broke using oxen. Gerald believes this was the first producing well in the Lone Rock field. He believes the well was called Husky No.4. The well has changed names over the years as the ownership has changed. The well is currently owned by Canadian Reserve Oil and Gas Ltd. It is located at LSD 4-14-47-27-W3.

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When asked about his involvement in oil business he commented that he did some pumping for Command Globe and helped out for one shift on a service rig. He has been involved in mixed farming over the years.


Sam Davidson ran the store in Lone Rock. Gerald commented that Sam's son, Bob Davidson, who went on to spend his working days in the oil industry started his career on the well which was drilled on their land.

There are five wells on their homestead quarter. The revenue from these wells in 1946 was from $50 -$150 yearly rental fee.

Gerald recalls that Lone Rock had gas from a well in the late 1950s.