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Charles Graham

    Charles Graham was born and raised on a farm in the Marsden area.  He was married in 1955 and rented a farm in Rivercourse.  His first job in the oil patch was on a service rig for Fargo Oils in Lone Rock.  In December of 1957, Charles moved to Estevan to persue a career with Halliburton-Welex.  With Halliburton-Welex he performed open hole logging and some completions.  This job took him to Edmonton in 1959 and he stayed with Halliburton-Welex until 1965. 

     In 1966 Charles began working with Jet Perforators Inc.  He worked a full and productive career with them 

     Charles’ reflection:

     “All my experiences in the oil patch were of a high life nature.  The people I met, associated with, worked with and worked for can only be called exceptional.  I am not sure where the formula: ‘Plan your work’ and ‘Work your plan’ came from, but I certainly tried to follow it in my career.  Looking back over the years I can summarize my feelings in a few words, ‘Thank God I was in the oil patch!”