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History related to Heavy Oil

Black Oil Capital of Canada An article which appeared in The Roughneck magazine in 1982.   It outlines the oil related history of the area from 1919 to 1982 and includes interesting statistics of production.
Dina Refinery an interesting article describing the history of the area's first refinery
Husky History

a brief sketch of Husky Oil's activities in Lloydminster, 1946 - 1983

Introductory Narrative a story of how oil exploration began in the Lloydminster region
Map of Lloydminster Area showing oil fields - c. 1979
Newspaper Clippings a summary of the news stories concerning Heavy Oil which appeared in the Lloydminster Times from 1926 to 1939
Oilman of the Year Award list of those who have been honoured since the award began in 1972 as a highlight of the Oilmen's Bonspiel.
Oilmen's Bonspiel program cover from First Annual - 1968
Personal Recollections summaries of interviews which were done with various pioneers and builders of the Heavy Oil Industry in the Lloydminster region
Spruce Lake Holding Company Limited share certificate - December 20, 1928
Thermal Recovery an article from 1982 detailing several projects experimenting with different ways of enhancing oil recovery then near Lloydminster