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Cliff Hoskins
Oilman of the Year - 1977

Cliff Hoskins' oil field experience began in 1924 at Viking where he worked for Northern Utilities.  From 1927 through 1929, he worked on drillings rigs in Turner Valley and in 1935 came to Lloydminster where he worked for Dina Oil and Gas Company. hoskins.jpg (16329 bytes)

Shortly after that, he went to Fort McMurray as foreman of International Bitumen's extraction plant but returned again to Lloydminster in 1938, working for Charlie Mills and R. L. Shaw. In 1940, he opened a machine shop under the name Hoskins and Gallagher which was amalgamated with Universal Industries in 1954.

In 1958, he moved to Olds where he worked for Wonderly Oil Field Construction and later went to Red Deer where he worked for Parker Machining.  He moved back to Lloydminster in 1967 and worked for Weldex Machine Ltd. and then Universal Industries.  He retired in 1975.