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Bill Williams
Oilman of the Year - 1972

Affectionately known as "Husky Bill", Bill Williams arrived in Lloydminster from Cody, Wyoming on September 21, 1946 with his family: wife, Jessica, daughter Billielu, and sons Jim and John.  He was one of the first Husky employees in Canada and came to establish and build Husky's presence here.

Bill opened an office in Lloydminster on the corner of 49 St. and 50 Ave. in November 1946.  In the following spring, the land was cleared for the first Husky Refinery in Canada.  Vessels were shipped from Riverton, Wyoming to be assembled in Lloydminster and began arriving in July 1947.  Forty-four rail carloads of steel pipe and fittings were unloaded, and workmen included Leo Cavanagh, Fred Wallace, Bob Miller and many others residing in Lloydminster.

Bill had been in charge of building the original refinery in Riverton which supplied fuel to the American Armed Services during World War II.  He received a Commendation from President Franklin D. Roosevelt for his contribution.

Bill had experience in the oil and gas industry in Montana and Wyoming before he joined Husky in 1934, one of its first employees.  He became the first person to retire from Husky on full pension.

When the Lloydminster Refinery was up and operating, Bill turned his knowledge to the drilling and production development in the Lloydminster District. 

Bill joined Head Office in Calgary in 1956 and in 1962, he and Jessica traveled to Tunisia to oversee the drilling of Husky's first off-shore oil well.  After a year, they returned to Calgary where he retired and spent his remaining years.

Many remember Bill for his Texas accent, his cowboy boots, cigar and Stetson hat; as well as his ready humour and happy smile.

huskybill.jpg (18865 bytes)

Bill was very proud of the distinction of being chosen to throw the first stone at the First Annual Oilmen's Bonspiel in Lloydminster in 1972.  He made a special trip from Calgary to attend.  "Husky Bill" is shown left ready to heave the first stone.  Left to right: Claire Ross, "Husky Bill" (bending over rock), Howard Geier, Chamber of Commerce President, and Richard Larsen, Deputy Mayor. Piper Bob Torrence is in the background.