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Biographical Sketches and Recollections of Oilfield Veterans

On these pages we are recording the stories of those who contributed to the Lloydminster and Area oil industry
and where possible we explain something of the technology and processes used in various eras of development.

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Frank Benson Hamish Garland Al Kissack Carl Sampson Art Wells
  Charles Graham     Ted William
Leo Cavanagh Paul Guthrie Gerald Lamb Russell Shaw Bill Williams
Howie Cayford Ron Hardy Ron MacDonald Frank Spencer Willoughby Bros.
Lloyd Clinch Bob Hayes Ray McIlwrick   Colin Wright
Ted Collins Cliff Hoskins Charlie Mills Reg Summersgill Stuart Wright
Ralph Conlon John Howes Bill Nidish Roy Thrun O. C. Yates
Charlie Coulter Steve Jakubeic Carl Nygren Bill Till Ken Yeoman
Ace Drummond Cliff Johnson Don Rammel Ole Tweten Paul Yeoman
Prof. F. H. Edmunds Vic Juba Archie Ramsey Ernie Unick Ross Yeoman
Cal Fitzsimonds Bob Kerr Jack Roberts   Elmer Zimmer
Joe Gallagher Ed Ketchum C. P. Ross Bernard Walker George Weishaar
Art Garden Grant King Alex J. Ruhl Jack Weaver