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List of Pictures Relating to the History of the Heavy Oil Industry in Lloydminster and area

Most photographs courtesy of 
Lloydminster Heavy Oil Visitors Committee.
Originals have now been donated to the Barr Colony Heritage and Cultural Centre Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

Blow out and fire - 1948

Charlie Mills and his crew celebrate bringing in oil at Dina # 1 - May 26, 1937

Dina # 1 overlooking Battle River Valley - 1937

Dina Camp Workers and Their Families - 1937?

Electro-Log - for Lloyd. Development Co. - summer 1950

Husky Oil & Refining Company - first Christmas Party in Lloydminster - 1946

Lloydminster Downtown - late 1940's and interior of Royal Cafe

O. C. Yates - early promoter and long time President of Lloydminster Gas Company

Oil Person - up close and personal with Heavy Oil