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Octavius Cecil (O. C.) Yates

(We spoke to Kay Shepherd, daughter of the late O. C. Yates)

Involvement in Oil Industry

Octavius Cecil Yates, Kay's father, was instrumental in organizing the Lloydminster Gas Company. Kay remembers that her father was interested in geology and was convinced that they should be drilling in this area. Key recalls that they looked at the lay of the land and geological surveys to decide where to drill.

The Yates family moved to Lloydminster in 1927. O. C. Yates was the station agent with the CPR. Kay's seventh birthday meal was in the unfinished station.


Kay remembers when the Lloydminster Gas Company's Lloydminster No. 1 came in. It was on Good Friday, March 30, 1934. She remembers running across the exhibition grounds with a hotcross bun in her hand. When asked about the mood of the public at the time, Kay believes that a lot of people were surprised.

Kay has recollections of Oxville which was located south of Lloydminster.


Below: O. C. Yates and wife Helen Yates

Octavius and Helen Yates