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  1. Emerging Maintenance Trends
  2. Chops Without Sand: Will the SuperSump Revolutionize Oil Production?

  3. Heavy Oil Transport - Is It Time to Flowline?

  4. Overview of In-Situ Recovery Methods in Alberta

  5. Expanding Heavy Oil Frontiers With Innovative Technology

  6. THAI (Toe to Heel Air Injection) and Beyond

  7. What To Do With CO2

  8. Alberta's Bitumen Carbonate Reservoirs

  9. Saskatchewan Regulations re: Oil and Gas Companies

  10. Heavy Oil Challenges in Alaska

  11. Optimum Well Spacing in Cold Production

  12. The Challenges of Using Brackish Water in Thermal Facilities

  13. A Matter of Trust: The Rise and Fall of Energy Trusts

  14. Canadian Expertise and Technology assist in the development of petroleum resources in Yemen

  15. Scaling and Plugging Issues in Husky Energy’s Lloydminster Thermal Projects

  16. Engineering: The Stealth Profession

  17. More Recent Developments in SAGD

  18. Recovering Heavy Oil - Future Challenges and Opportunities

  19. Some Projects Currently Underway in Heavy Oil Research Laboratories

  20. Orphan Well and Facility Program

  21. Fingerprinting Oilfield Fluids

  22. Hydrocyclones as a Technology for Separating Oil, Water, and Solids

  23. HGP (Hydraulic Gas Pump) applications in SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) production

  24. Patent Law - Does It Still Exist?

  25. Acclaim Energy Well Blowout – 2004

  26. DMW-8660 De-Sand Additive Eliminates Waste and Slop Oil Treating Completely

  27. Inflow and Production Impairments from Loss of Solution Gas
    in Cold Production

  28. The Next Generation of Service Rig Technology

  29. Applying Canadian Heavy Oil Innovations in Venezuela