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The Lloydminster Refinery and the Lloydminster Upgrader convert crude oil into useable products and feedstocks

Photo by Don Whiting

In the old days, Heavy Oil was considered a disappointment and a problem. Now it is an increasingly important part of the world's energy reserves.  Part of the difference is the improvements in refining and the presence of the Husky Lloydminster Upgrader.

Whether its the asphalt and road oils for which Lloydminster has long been known, or the modern products of the upgrader including "synthetic" crude, jet fuel, coke and sulphur - the refining and upgrading stages make outputs that literally fuel our modern society.

Refining and upgrading involves removing the "impurities", most of which become valuable by-products in their own right, and breaking down the complex hydro-carbon molecules, which characterize heavy oil, into simpler hydrocarbon molecules

Fractionating towers break down molecules but some resist the process.   Then the opposite tack is taken in the Hydrotreater which forces carbon atoms to accept more hydrogen atoms, also forming lighter, more useable molecules.  These, and many other processes, are introduced in this section.  

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Vic Juba - "Mr. Lloydminster"Vic Juba was a principal figure at the Lloydminster Refinery from 1953 to 1992.  Then, he was "un-retired" to serve four years as Communications Co-ordinator for the "Bi-Provincial Upgrader" during its construction phase.

While Vic's career in the oil  industry was a long and important one, he will likely be best remembered for his contribution to his community of Lloydminster.  There are few public facilities in Lloydminster for which Vic has not been Director, Chair, and/or chief fundraiser and that includes, of course, the Vic Juba Community Theatre.

We salute, Vic Juba, a "refined" gentleman who "upgraded" his community in countless ways.  Thanks Vic.

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Crudey - refinedWow! Here I am at the Refinery where I get a good bath

I lose my "impurities", get refined and upgraded and then I'm set to take my place in the world. Some people call it my "finishing" school, but I'm really just starting out - like at graduation.  See you around.  I know you can't live without me!