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Alex B. Ruhl
Oilman of the Year - 1983

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Alex Ruhl was born in Calgary but moved to Saskatoon to complete his education.   During World War II, he served with the army in the RCEME as a journeyman first class welder and Class B machinist.

Early in 1947, he arrived in Lloydminster to play ball for Russell Shaw, a well known oil man - and remained to work for him as shop foreman, then as tool push and then as field superintendent for seven years. Husky Oil took over Shaw Petroleum and Ruhl went along as shop foreman and tool push for six years.  He worked in the North West Territories and Wainwright, as well as here in Lloydminster.

While with Husky, Ruhl and Al Bruce designed and built a tank heater burner which is still in use today.

When Bowden Drilling purchased the Husky rigs, Ruhl went along as tool push for five years around Calgary, Red Deer, and Fort St. John.

The servicing end of Ruhl's career came from Jennings Drilling where he worked as tool push on drilling rigs.  They branched out and asked Ruhl to take over their service rigs - so for the next four years, first as tool push, then as field superintendent, he was able to ... [original text missing] ...

After remaining with Venture Oil Services for six years, he and son Bob bought their own rigs - know as Sunrise Well Servicing.  He remained with the business for 13 years before retiring.

While busy in the oil business, he never lost interest in sports as he sponsored a girls' softball team called the Sunrise Stealers for a number of years.  An avid curler, he was on the rink that won the Grand Challenge in 1949.

Ruhl has three sons: Robert, Alex Jr., and Ronald; as well as two daughters: Sharon and Bonnie.  He has numerous grand-children and great-grandchildren.