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Russell Shaw

(We spoke to Elaine Assaly and Maxine Jeffery, daughters of the late Russell Shaw).

Involvement in the Oil Industry

 Russell Shaw
 Russell Shaw
officially opening the Nuco Cleaning Plant
 Dec. 2, 1955

Russell was the President of the Colony Oil and Gas Company which was incorporated in March 1935. In 1938, he was the managing director the Lloydminster Royalties Ltd. Their first well, Lloydminster Royalties No. 1, was the first well drilled in the local field west of the fourth Meridian. He was the President of Shaw Petroleum and Director of the Excelsior Refinery. He served on town council for nine years before being elected Mayor.


Elaine was still in school when her father's involvement in the oil business began so she didn't follow all the happenings but she does have some recollections.

She recalls that "Sunday drives meant going out to check on the latest well". She remembers one time when a well blew in while they were sitting in their car out at a site. Oil was everywhere, all over the car and her father was covered from head to toe.

She recalls how noisy the cabletool rigs were, they pounded and pounded.

As she recalls, the Excelsior refinery was assembled in Lloydminster.

R. L. Shaw, President and Managing Director of Lloydminster Refineries Ltd. (later Excelsior Refineries),  President and Managing Director of Shaw Petroleums Ltd. (Drilling and Servicing Company), managing director of Lloydminster Oil Producers Ltd. (he picked the location and drilled the first commercial oil well in the Blackfoot Field), director of Lloyd.-Leduc Oil Co. Ltd., managing director of Shaw Petroleum Corporation of Canada Ltd. (Toronto), director of Shaw Holdings Ltd. (Edmonton), director of C. & S. Petroleums (Edmonton). Also served Lloydminster as Town Councillor for three terms and Mayor for two terms.