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Doug Krepps (left), President of the Maidstone Oilmen's Heavy Crude Bonspiel
presents a plaque to George Weishaar, honouring him as the 1981
Oilman of the Year in Maidstone, Saskatchewan.

George Weishaar was named Oilman of the Year at the Maidstone Heavy Crude Bonspiel Banquet in 1981.  Mr. Weishaar started in the oil business in 1947, in the Lone Rock – Lloydminster area.  He later worked in the Bonnyville area, in 1954 in Virden, Manitoba; and in 1955 in Carndiff, Saskatchewan.  He worked mainly as a tool pusher but did a bit of office work in between.  In 1958, Mr. Weishaar was named the Production Foreman at Lone Rock.

In 1968, George and his wife Phyllis moved to Maidstone where George was a battery operator for Murphy Oil until illness forced him to retire, after 35 years in the industry.  In accepting the Oilman of the Year Award, Mr. Weishaar commented, “I owe it all to Phyllis, who over the years has been my right hand”.