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Ross Yeoman
Oilman of the Year - 1988

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Ross was born and raised in the Lone Rock district and served in the Canadian Army in World War II in the sixth light anti-aircraft regiment. In 1945-46, he attended Technical School in Regina before returning to the Lloydminster area to begin his career in the oil industry.

Yeoman worked for Commonwealth Drilling as Tool Dresser and later as a pumper, as well as farming on the side. On Jan. 1, 1952 he joined the Husky Oil Production Department as a pumper. He progressed to Production Foreman and then Area Superintendent before taking an early retirement from Husky on Sept. 1, 1981 after nearly 30 years with the company.

Ross and his wife, Irene, have two daughters; Sylvia, who teaches in Vancouver, and Judy, who teaches in Lone Rock. Ross is a member of the Elks and has been a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for 42 years. His hobbies include fishing, hunting and traveling.