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Elmer Zimmer
Oilman of the Year - 1975

(We spoke to Ida Zimmer, wife of the late Elmer Zimmer,
and Ron Hardy who was a former co-worker).

Involvement in the Oil Industryzimmer.jpg (8536 bytes)

Elmer worked at Dina in 1940 and 1941. In 1942, Elmer worked in Turner Valley. Later, Elmer worked for Charlie Mills - Northern Development. In 1946, when Charlie moved the rig to Leduc, Elmer went with him and worked in the Devonian field. Elmer and Ida lived in a camp at Devon. While Elmer was working in the field, Ida was a cook in the camp. Elmer also spent some time around 1946 at the cleaning plant in Lone Rock.

Elmer’s involvement in the oil patch also took him to Manyberries, Alberta in 1948. He worked at Hanna, Alberta with Regent Drilling. He also worked at Maidstone at various times over the years.

Ron Hardy started working with Elmer in the fall of 1952 on a Husky drilling rig. Elmer was the driller and Ron was a roughneck.

Ida summed up Elmer’s involvement in the oil patch by saying "he pumped, pushed, drilled, and looked after service rigs and operating plants".